Saturday, January 3, 2015

eBay Corset of Doom!

So tight lacing has become very popular. And there are a myriad of businesses who are willing to accommodate the many young women searching for a quality corset. Or a starter corset. 

I have had several corsets in my life and as my body fluctuates with age, pregnancy and stagnation (lol).  I have found myself needing of or wanting options. 

So on a search I went, for a low priced corset to wear just in case. 

My budget in no way allowed me to purchase a custom made or quality corset so I settled for an eBay find. 

On a leap of faith I purchased this corset for somewhere around $16 dollars. 

Why a leap of faith? 

Because it didn't show the back of the corset nor provide any details on the boning used. 

I should have know.... although the corset is quite lovely to look at the lacks substance. It has small plastic 'boning' and laces in back with a cheap piece of ribbon. 
Worth $15 dollars, not really, lesson learned! 

Although corsets can squeeze you in, they are more fashioned to create a specific fashionable silhouette. 

As there is no major structure in this one layer fashion corset this is certainly a last resort if my other corsets are unavailable.

Lesson of the Day: Invest or Make One!


  1. Oh no!! That's too bad as the corset looks so beautiful! Can you make slits in the boning tape and slip in steel bones? I wish you the best on future corsetting adventures!!