Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Costume Rewind (Kinda)

Ok... so I was going to do a full post of what I made in 2014. But I realize that it wasn't much of what I originally planned. 

Its actually quite dismal. I truly had Grand Plans for 2014.

 (I'm not including unfinished outfits or UFO's)

Blue Talma (I unfortunately have no pictures of the front!And I sold it on Etsy)

Navy Blue Day Dress- I added some ruffles taffeta to the apron and Lace to the collar and wrist area and wore it at CoCo 14.

J.P. Ryan Short Jacket

                                     Truly Victorian hodge podge of patterns  &
 self draping for Gala gown CoCo 14.

Horrible picture I know but my Mourning Outfit at CoCo 14.

Edwardian Walking Outfit- Truly Victorian Patterns

My 'lil bit' in her mid Victorian dress and drooping petticoat!

Version two of the above gown with some piping on the bodice and hem.

Huge Muff

$1 Paisley Stays (J.P. Ryan pattern with added shoulder Strap) 

 I also got some smaller projects done; toddler chemise, toddler bloomers, toddler strapped petticoat, 18th century toddler dress,  18th century cap, ribbon garters, several chemises, an under petticoat, and an Victorian travel bag.

This year I hope to do a better job of keeping to my list and completing the Historical Sew Monthly Challenges. ( and take better pictures!)

We Shall See!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

eBay Corset of Doom!

So tight lacing has become very popular. And there are a myriad of businesses who are willing to accommodate the many young women searching for a quality corset. Or a starter corset. 

I have had several corsets in my life and as my body fluctuates with age, pregnancy and stagnation (lol).  I have found myself needing of or wanting options. 

So on a search I went, for a low priced corset to wear just in case. 

My budget in no way allowed me to purchase a custom made or quality corset so I settled for an eBay find. 

On a leap of faith I purchased this corset for somewhere around $16 dollars. 

Why a leap of faith? 

Because it didn't show the back of the corset nor provide any details on the boning used. 

I should have know.... although the corset is quite lovely to look at the lacks substance. It has small plastic 'boning' and laces in back with a cheap piece of ribbon. 
Worth $15 dollars, not really, lesson learned! 

Although corsets can squeeze you in, they are more fashioned to create a specific fashionable silhouette. 

As there is no major structure in this one layer fashion corset this is certainly a last resort if my other corsets are unavailable.

Lesson of the Day: Invest or Make One!