Thursday, December 18, 2014

Organizing My Fabric Stash and Projects

So I have tons of projects I want to create...

But its so hard especially without having a dedicated room to craft/sew. 

I am relegated to a corner of the den.

Unfortunately, that also means that 'lil bit' can (if she's being especially Indiana Jones like) climb over the rubber maid tote wall I placed in her path to keep her away from the many dangerous sewing implements I tend to use.... scissors, straight pins, irons...

So I have had to come up with a crafty (get it??? haha) way to keep her safe and my projects organized and in their place.

Besides being a "bin hoarder' as my dear husband calls me, I tend to try and group my projects and all their accoutrements in a bag (zip lock, reusable totes, homemade bags).

So I take the fabric, pattern, and any trims I will need and stuff it in a bag.

This keeps my project all in one place and helps me visualize my steps to complete the project.

It works most of the time unless I forget to update my pattern book (book with a picture and yardage list for each of the patterns I own). If that happens and I think of a new project I want to do, there might be a bit of panic as I think I misplaced, lost or did not buy a specific pattern!

Fool proof? 

No, but it works for me.

But, ohh what I would give for one of these!!!!

Fill it with baskets and place each project in its own cubby!!

Awesome sauce ! 

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