Saturday, December 20, 2014

Oh Stripes and More Stripes

I've been seeing these travel bags pop up every now and then.

Always the same original picture comes up. 

circa. mid to late 1860's
I'm sure there were other colors used! I haven't found them as of yet but I will!

So boring ! 

So I decided to make my own...I used two different fabrics I love and here's the tutorial. 
I messed up on my brocade like fabric but then I tried again with a green stripe I think it came out pretty cute ...

I will probably make another more period correct one.

My versions...
Stripey Goodness!

Now my mess up... Word of caution do not try and finish a new (never attempted) project late at night!

It's cute but entirely too long and skinny.
And I loved this fabric and the velvet ribbon and vintage buttons I scavenged from an antique shop in Alaska :( 

1 1/4 yard fashion fabric 
1 1/4 yard lining 
5 self cover buttons or 1 inch buttons
4-5 yards of trim (bias tape or velvet ribbon or twill tape)

Oh and one large dinner plate ...
I used a regular dinner plate for my end circle circumference. Traced it out with tailors chalk.

Two layers of stripe and two layers of lining pinned in the four quadrants and cut.
Measure the very edge of your plate to get the width needed for the body of your bag.

My measurements came to be 34 x 25
And cut two strips of fabric for handles 2in x 8in. 

For the body of the bag you can either:
#1 ----Pin the lining and fashion fabric together wrong sides together fold in the short ends to close up the bag edges. 
#2--- Or you can turn the fashion fabric sides together and sew the short ends of the fabric. Turn inside out 

Next place your trim, tack and sew. I used bias tape for my trim. The key was to pin every two inches or so especially on the end circle circle pieces (this helps with the ease so it doesn't get all wonky). 

At this point I also spaced out my button placement and handle placement and sewed everything in (for the handles fold under about an 1 inch on each end and sew to bag). 

Make sure your have folded your fabric correctly. 
You should be making a fat tube not a long skinny one.

Moving on....
Pin your fabric end circles to your bag body tube, there is a lil ease that you will work into the curve but it all should fit. I start with the bag (tube) side with the button holes-when I come around the circle I will be placing 1/2 to a 1 inch of the other side (side where you will sew your buttons on) on top of the side with the button holes. Mine on both bags overlapped about a inch to a inch and a half. (does that make sense?) 


Since I treated the bag fashion fabric and lining as one (I didn't have any more of the lining fabric) I used the fashion fabric as the lining for the inside circle ends. I carefully pinned the lining on the inside edge circles and whip stitched it closed. 

Turn that bad boy inside out and sew your buttons on... BAM!!!! 
~~~~"victorianish' travel bag~~~
(for historical correctness a heavy weight twill or linen should be used)

I put all but two petticoats (4) in this bag bolts all of my aprons (3), shawls(2),  mop caps (3),  socks, several chemises and corsets (10). 

It fit quite a bit. 

FYI: In my brocade fabric bag I made a pocket (for lose jewelry or money) on the inside but didn't do the same with the striped bag. 

Hope this was helpful and interesting!

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