Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Sewing + Historical Costuming Obsession= Broke

I always have to stop in a fabric store !

I can't ride past, even if I'm not driving I automatically request that hubby pull over so I can 'run in real quick' an check out what they have...


 Not so great when unemployed and living off one salary!

So, I try to give myself a budget for every month.

Typically, I don't spend that much but I end up rolling it over to the next month.

Oh, and don't forget the wonders of thrift stores !

Goodwill has been very good to me the last couple times I popped in for a quick glance around.

Some people don't have that luxury budget to purchase silks and the like.

So I tend to haunt three different locations in my area the SAS Fabric store ( several locations) , Joann's Fabrics and Goodwill. 

SAS Fabrics has a plethora of trims and relatively cheap prices items.

 Satin and taffeta is typically $2.99 a yard and velvet is $7.99 for the cheap stuff and $9.99 for the silk blend!

I was able to score this gorgeous albeit bright taffeta plaid for a mere $1 a YARD!!

Goodwill is great because typically they don't realize that the fabrics they are marking for $2.99 or the like is a silk or brocade or wool or that's it 3-6 yards! 
Score for me! 

I picked up a couple pieces I really liked, this pretty paisley was only .99 cents and it was almost a yard and a half.

You have to choose your 'battles' so I try to really think hard on if I actually 'need' the fabric to finish a project. My sewing sensibilities always tells me to get it!

Me vs Fabric 

Fabric Wins every time! 

Till later !

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