Monday, December 29, 2014

My $1 Paisley Georgian Stays

My $1 Dollar Paisley Georgian Stays... 

Okay, so all the materials didn't cost $1 buck but the main material was a $1 find at our local Goodwill!

Lovely Paisley- Do you see the riding crops and gloves??

J.P. Ryan Stays Pattern laid out and partially cut.
I used 2 layers of linen, the fashion fabric and a layer of muslin for the lining. 
Almost completed stays (I added the straps).

Instead of using reeds for boning in the channels; as was customary at the time I used zip ties specially two - 15' inch fifty count packages from Big Lots for a total of $5 dollars.  I also purchased the grosgrain ribbon for the edges and some maroon roping, spent about $3 on those items. 

Grand Total = $9.

The lining was some stash fabric.

Don't mind my chemise... I couldn't find my Georgian chemise so I put on my regency chemise...

The eyelets are handbound. 

 I like it but I think I need to make another pair and add a inch or two to the waist. I also will probably make them front lacing cause 'dear hubby' does not like spiral lacing and I almost had a 'fit' trying to get out of them!!

Until later Toodles!! 


  1. Laaaaaa!!! These are wonderful!! I love that you got the fabric at Goodwill and that it has gloves and a riding crop!!! What fun!!

    1. And to think I was going to put the fabric back down cause it was such a small piece!! I couldn't in the end and I'm happy I didn't! I love paisley and the gloves and riding crops are adorable!

  2. I am so happy I found your lovely page. I will be starting this new year to make me own historical attire. You are my new found friend and inspiration. Thank you!
    Lady Estelle

    1. Thanks Estelle! I love it when I find like minded people and I can't wait to see what you will create!

    2. You are welcome. The pleasure is mine.