Monday, December 22, 2014

A Huge Muff Of Course, Part One

So I've had this faux fur fabric FOREVER!

I attempted to make a muff in the beginning of my sewing adventures but it came out less then stellar.... I mean it was BAD!!!
stamp courtesy of :
Fast Forward 10+ years.

Yes, I don't need a muff in Arizona weather but it was too pretty to pass up.
Plus I'm on an accessories kick for all my costumes.

While researching period outerwear for another planned accessory, I kept coming across these gorgeous muffs on Pinterest.

Small (ca. 1860's)

Medium  (ca. 1880's)


Large (I think this one was ca. 1890's)


Huge  (ca. 1890's)


Humongous   (ca. 1810's-20's)


And Finally Ginormous or it could be the other way around!! That regency muff is huge compared to the model!

Anyway, I really wanted to use my faux fur.  

But I felt that a muff that large out of fur would be a lot of work for an accessory I wouldn't use often. 

So the brainstorming began! 

Plan of action formulated!

To be continued....


  1. What? That was sooooooo not nice!! hahahahahaha!!! Just kidding...I just am not a patient sort of girl and want to see your fabulous hand muff right now!!! Can't wait to see your creation!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Gina!! I'm I had a lot to say about this muff :) Patience isn't a strong point for me either. Thanks!!
      Best Regards!