Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Updated 2014-2015 Sewing List .... Why? Because I Think I'm Superwoman!

An continuation of my previous post...

Every year I try to make a to do list of the dresses I would like to create. 

Either I've purchased some fabric that I just must sew into a historical costume or upon perusing the infinite black hole of Pinterest, I come across a gorgeous extant gown, fashion plate or painting of the era...and I am smitten or hooked on recreating it (this doesn't mean recreating it to a 't' but more like the general feeling or major components of the gown).

Anyway, My Updated To-Do List
50's style dress Butterick 4790
Kirtle and Skirt
1860's Striped Work/Day Dress
Pink Regency Gown

Green and White Stripe Regency Day Dress w/ Chemisette
Black and White Plaid Regency Bib Front Day Dress w/Detachable Sleeves
Black Regency Bonnet
Pink Polka Dot Sari (For Costume College Ice Cream Social 2015)
Beauty & The Beast -Belle - Disney Princess of the 16th Century Concept Dress (Costume College 2015 Project)
White Regency Day Gown
White Regency Evening Gown
Late 1880's Victorian Corset - Grey & Black (Truly Victorian )
1910's Edwardian Corset - Lilac and White Stripe W/ White Lace (Links to a Blog with Pattern & Directions!) 
I still have other items that keep popping into my head but these are the main ones.

I also have a UFO List (Unfinished Outfits)
And an 'lil bit' Costume List


But that will be my next post.

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