Monday, September 15, 2014

I Finished a Book!

Why is this such an accomplishment??
Because being a mom to an infant/toddler is hard work.
 'Lil bit' is a mover and a shaker, always running around and getting into things.
Being a SAHM isn't easy and unfortunately, me sitting on the couch and eating bon bons and watching the soaps is not an option.
So for me, it is a major accomplishment for me at this time to read and FINISH a book. 
(I used to read a book a week for my graduate classes and for recreational reading I could read a 300-500 page book in a day!)

Anyway so here it goes.... 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book even though at times I was annoyed by Sarah's almost judgmental attitude toward those she thought were judging her (I hope that made sense!). It seemed at times that Sarah assumed everyone was out to get her because she wore a corset. Yet and still it was a refreshing view of a modern girl whose views of corset wearing, changes dramatically over the course of several years. Sarah is able to create a world for herself where she feels beautiful and ultimately a place she feels she belongs and feels comfortable in time. Even with her dramatic change, she is at times rather opinionated about other costumers who use less than perfect fabrics and historically inaccurate costumes for their reenacting. Truth be told I too, cringe at some obviously horrifically inaccurate costumers as well, but I tend to say  'live and let live', if their having fun and hurting no be it! 

Anyway, Sarah's transformation was interesting to read, but several times throughout the book I was in wonderment that she omits an integral part of Victorian wear, a chemise. A chemise was worn between the body and corset to keep sweat from dirtying up your corset (which is difficult to wash, unless you have an removable lining). It also stops you (for the most part) from having the 'angry red criss cross marks' on your back, where you lacing dug into your skin. Other then this major omission Sarah relates a very interesting and humorous journey.

Sarah Chrisman's Before & After

To costumers, corset wearers and the novice clothing historians this would be an interesting read. 

Toodles !

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