Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Costume College 14 ! A Longish Picture Friendly Post

How much fun did I have?!?!? 


The amazing Val Labore from Time Traveling in Costume created a group called the Murder of Crows. Mourning (funeral) wear from any era was to be worn on Friday for the Ice Cream Social.

Here's a group shot!

My Close Up w/ Jerry

It was great seeing the many different variations of the dress in the same era.  We had over five talented ladies who created bustle gowns from the 1870s-1880's. This picture isn't even the whole group!

On Saturday I had classes in which I had to be fitted so to have ease of fitting (and breastfeeding) I opted to wear street clothes to my class called '1860's and Still Handsewn!". 

Here's a sneak peek of the gown bodice in progress and my fabric!

Saturday Night was the Red Carpet and Gala
Here's a pic of my gown and my hubby and 'lil bit', they walked the red carpet with me!


 A lovely Edwardian lady named Tisha

Vanessa and her matching purple gown.
How gorgeous is that purple velvet!

And finally Sundays Fantasy Tea
Bathroom Not So Selfie Selfie

Me and the Time Traveling Val LaBore

Maegan (Our CGW Hotel Liaison for CoCo), Myself and Rebecca (Current Dean for 2015 CoCo)

Me and the Broker Costumer herself Ms.Cindy Piselli

 There's so much more about Costume College but I will save that for another post!


  1. You do Victorian so well!
    I loved your Gala gown! I also adore that the pictures you have, show the fabric as three different colors. I still think that fabric was a great find on your part!

  2. Thanks llyrafantasyfae! I couldn't pass up the $1.50 a yard! I still have fabric left over and another bodice I never wore!!! Maybe I will post additional pictures in my completed projects area :)