Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A New Book!!

Ok so the Tudor era isn't my thing but I've been drafted into being party of a costumed group for CoCo15. 

Specifically the 16th Century Disney Princess Group... 

I won't tell you who I will be at this time .... 

I'll post a hint in the near future!

Anyway,  since I've never done the Tudors or anything really before the 18th century I needed a lot of help... 

So my daily perusal of the web and Pinterest was increased ten fold. 

This book "The Tudor Tailor" by Ninya Mikhaila and Jane Malcolm Davies kept coming up when I spoke to other seasoned costumers.

Finally, after a long discussion with Rebecca my motivational teacher from afar, I caved and purchased this book. 

Can I say that this book is amazing and so easy to understand!!!

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