Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Keep It Together Woman!!! My To-Do/Create List for 2014

Keep It Together Woman!

To keep sane with all the projects you plan on completing, follow this very important tip...
In between the big projects create small mini projects so you feel like you have completed something. Or you can break up a large detailed project into several small sections. i.e. the trim or ruffles on a skirt, petticoat, cockades for a hat, kid leather gloves, etc...

Working on too many large projects at one time will cause unneeded anxiety and self doubt. 

Below are some links to mini projects I've done or want to create. 

These are relatively simple sewing projects.

To Do Lists
I have a list of outfits I would like to make and I typically section it by era and type.
I also have a running list for my UFO's (unfinished objects). I try to list what the object or project is and what needs to be completed.


1905 Trumpet Skirt
  • add hook and eyes to waist
  • hem skirt 
1903 Shirtwaist
  • add buttons
  • complete collar
  • attach waistband
  • attach cuffs

When I check anything off of my list I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I think that has to do with having an infant and my time being limited (but this is a tip I've always used... )

I'm a list maker! 

Sewing time is usually late at night or at most a hour during the day if my little tyke is accommodating. 

That being said this is my list (ambitious I know)!

Costume To-Do List (2014)

Blue Floral Brocade Natural Form Outfit w/Two Bodices
Navy Blue Bustle Visiting Outfit
Navy Talma Jacket/Wrap
Two Chemises 
Two Corset Covers

All of the above outfits will be made with Truly Victorian patterns. 
My go to pattern company for my slightly dyslexic reading style on typical patterns.  

Edwardian/Belle Epoque
Tan Belle Epoque Traveling Suit (inspiration photo)

Purple Seersucker Trumpet Skirt and White Voile Shirtwaist
Edwardian Underwear

All of the above outfits will be made with Truly Victorian patterns.

Red and Beige Floral Robe à l’anglaise” Gown 
Blue Flower Robe à la Française 
Bold Red Caraco Jacket
Powder Blue Short Jacket

I will be using J.P. Ryan Patterns for the above dresses.

Blue Floral Day (long sleeve) Dress
Yellow Floral (short sleeve) Dress
Black & White Plaid Day Dress (w/detachable long sleeve) 
Work Apron
White Petticoat Dress

I will be using a combination of my Folkwear, Sense & Sensibility Patterns with references to Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1


If I have the fabric I name it with the fabric (as seen above), if I have the patterns I write that down as well.

Somewhere in the midst of all those projects I plan to make a Renaissance outfit for the Ren Faire here in Arizona.


Btw- this list was made way back in February!!! I apparently never schedule it to go out.... So here it is :)
My next post will be an updated list and status on completed items...
Cya soon! 


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