Thursday, January 30, 2014

Long Time No Sew (See)!

Long Time No See!
So much has happened since I created this blog 
I've gotten completely sidetracked by life.

First and actually foremost; my husband and I were blessed to have a beautiful baby girl this past July 2013.
She is now 6 months old!!

I know, its amazing on what things life throws at you.

But back to my last post and why I created this blog.

I posted in July of 2012 'don't be fooled by the hype'... sewing and costuming isn't for the faint of heart.

That being said I went to Costume College 2012!!


I have been attempting to go for over ten years but alas as a struggling college student than a underpaid private school teacher (living on the East Coast) I could never afford to go.

Finally my husband and I moved to Alaska and I figured, 'hey we are on the correct coast, let's do it!!'
So I went (alone as my sister got ill right before we were supposed to leave) and although my funds were tight (just enough money to barely eat and fill up the rental with gas) I met tons of amazing people and bloggers I had been following for years.

The costumes were amazing! I wore the below outfits. Plus a bustled polonaise not pictured.

 Me and one of the only three women who traveled from Alaska (we didn't know or meet each other until we got there and started talking with other attendees.... then it was was "where's waldo".)
I'm wearing the day bodice and my cardboard bonnet (yes it is made out of cardboard, duck tape, a glue gun and some navy taffeta and burgundy voile)!

 Cheesing in the hallway outside of the Gala in my evening bodice.
Cheesing in the elevator on the way to the Gala.....i didn't actually attend the dinner Gala. After dinner you can go in to dance and hang out. Since the Gala was out of my budget range I went for the festivities after (mainly to take more pictures of people).
Again this trip was awesome and I might post pictures of the amazing costumes and costumers I saw at this event.

Until Next Time.... adieu!

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