Saturday, July 21, 2012

Don't believe the Hype

The reason for this post to to explain to all those aspiring sewing novices- that translating patterns and designing historical styles is not easy. I've read hundreds of blogs, books, and magazines but at the end of them when I tried to duplicate of follow the instructions on their how to I failed miserably.

One thing I have learned while teaching social studies.... everyone learns differently.

Another thing learned would be patience is required!! Lots of Patience!!! My frustration levels have been to the point of wanting to curse!! Sometimes you need to take a step back and try again.

No worries on not understanding terminology in historic documents, etc, the wording and sewing skills are completely different from what we are used too.

My Suggestions:
First suggestion would be have tons and tons of scrap fabric or muslin to make templates and mock ups of the costumes you would like to create. There are many blogs out there that provide helpful information and I hope to link them to my blog to help all to help all those on this journey of historical costuming.

Second suggestion would be to start from the basics. Your costume or dress will not fit or look period without the right foundation pieces.

The below link has a free chemise pattern available for civil war- mid victorian clothing.